QS Config – Standardize Your Microsoft SQL Server Installations

QS-Config is no longer supported

Please see my announcement. For a better free tool, check out SQL Server FineBuild.

Unattended Microsoft SQL Server Installations

QS Config installs custom Microsoft SQL Server templates without your attention

Save Time

Produce custom templates for different types of enterprise configuration files without waiting for support file installs and updates.

Save Energy

Simplify and set all your configuration choices up front. No more checking your screen every 10 minutes. Sleep through the install.

Ongoing Support

Ongoing technical support and feature updates. Comment below, email me, or tweet at me. I love improving my product.

Work smarter, not harder

If you don’t know me, I’m Derik, a Senior Database Administrator in Connecticut.

As a DBA, I appreciate consistency and predictability above all else. This allows me to automate and pre-script my tasks so that I work better and get more done in my time. I also enjoy free time and my own hobbies, so I’m in favor ofanything that gets my work done faster. As I’ve grown in my career I’ve come to learn the importance of standardization. If I regularly come across a problem, I prefer to pay the up-front cost of setting up automation and re-runnable scripts so that I can reap the long-term benefits.

"When I run one of my automation scripts, I smile at how much time and energy I save."

Eliminate the human element

Production Database Administrators know how often we have to install SQL Server. It’s long, tedious, and half the time I’m checking the same options or hoping that other DBAs make the selections that I would have.

I work for a large company, so a tremendous amount of time is taken up performing such a mundane task. A single install can take an hour of my time. Even multitasking doesn’t increase productivity by much and it essentially delays the completion of the task while the install media is waiting for the next set of user inputs and I am working on something else. If you are installing to a cluster, you might need to spend 30 more minutes per node per instance of SQL Server.

That means a typical 2-node cluster with 2 instances of SQL Server could take up to three hours to install.

"There’s too much user input scattered throughout the process. If only Microsoft SQL Server asked for all the inputs up front…"

Time savings and standardization

Now, good DBAs don’t sit still. Nor do they customize the individual installations. Using a handful of configuration files, most DBAs copy their own templates and configuration files to spawn the server.

My script takes existing Microsoft functionality and brings all of the user input up front, before the install program even opens. You spend 2-5 minutes answering the necessary questions to create a configuration file which can be re-used for the install, then kick off a script to run them all in order.

"Using this script, I installed 32 instances while I was sleeping. I kicked them off before I left work and the next morning they were complete."

How QS Config Works

  1. Use the script to create and develop the necessary .ini files.
  2. Answer all of your questions at once.
  3. The script executes the entire install and plugs in your choices.
  4. Use the free time to become super productive!

QS Config Features

Produce customized installation templates for all different types of configurations in your enterprise.

Re-use the same configuration files from the initial install to perform server migrations or recover from hardware failure.

Make all configuration choices up-front, without losing time waiting for support files and updates.

Guarantee identical installs for Always-On Availability Groups.

Supports all features of SQL Server.

Accepts directory path for including service packs and cumulative updates with your install.

Simplify complicated Fail-over Cluster Instance configurations with dynamically generated “add node” templates.

Selected cluster configurations will generate necessary configuration files to add nodes after installation.

Generates console commands for install execution and scripting.

Supports Windows Fail-Over Clustering.

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