Backup testing with PowerShell

This week I released a two part blog series on The series covers automated testing for your backup files and reporting on the results. Many elements of PowerShell, SMO, T-SQL, and SQL Server Reporting Services are covered.


Once your organization grows to a decent size it will fall under the governance of a number of different regulatory entities. With data being such a valuable asset, it is required that we ensure its safety by thoroughly testing. In addition to testing, there will come a time to prove that your data is as recoverable as you think it is. In this article we will cover automated backup testing using SQL Server Management Objects in PowerShell along with asynchronous jobs. We will also cover T-SQL queries which can be useful in providing the necessary evidence to your regulatory entities.


Backup testing with PowerShell – Part 1: The test
Backup testing with PowerShell – Part 2: Reporting results



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