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  • How Fast Can You Learn?

    How Fast Can You Learn?

    Self-analysis and emotional intelligence are valuable assets. Internal, or even external, dialog aids in problem solving and understanding. Knowing yourself is more important than any skill that you may have. You must understand what you think you know, what you know for certain, and what you do not know. In the IT industry, your ability to learn is […]

  • T-SQL Tuesday #84: Building an hour of content

    T-SQL Tuesday #84: Building an hour of content

    This month’s T-SQL Tuesday is being hosted by Andy Yun (t | b). T-SQL Tuesday (#TSQL2SDAY) is a blog party founded by Adam Machanic (t | b). Each month a member of the community hosts the party and selects the topic for us to write about. This month’s topic is growing new speakers. It is […]

  • Demo God Recovery Kit

    Demo God Recovery Kit

    I was scheduled to give a virtual presentation to the MagicPASS user group. The week before I received a beta update for Windows 10. My computer became very unstable. It would not boot half of the time and it corrupted my virtual machines twice. I spent many hours fighting these problems, all the way up […]

  • Choosing Subway

    Choosing Subway

    By the time this post is published I will likely be pulling into the parking lot at the Subway World Headquarters, ready to receive my employee badge. My time with Ascension Information Services, and possibly healthcare IT, has come to an end. I was content with my position. Many of my former co-workers were confused […]

  • My PASS Summit 2016 Submission

    My PASS Summit 2016 Submission

    This year was the first time I submitted to speak at the PASS Summit. Like many first time candidates, I was not selected to speak this year. The experience was valuable, however. I put more effort into writing this abstract than I have for any other event, User Group, SQL Saturday, etc. I had peers review […]

  • Everything has a cost

    Everything has a cost

    Too often we end up in a conflict while trying to explain how a minimally impacting function has no true business impact. If you are too detailed, no one wants to listen to you and you are wasting their time. If you are too high-level, they will challenge your evaluation because nothing costs nothing. When we felt […]

  • SQL PASS Summit 2015

    SQL PASS Summit 2015

    Another amazing PASS Summit week is complete and I am sitting in SEA-TAC airport, waiting for my flight back to the east coast (at the time I wrote this). I am going to hop on the red-eye in about an hour so that I will make it home in time to take my daughters, Kayla […]

  • Lone DBA, Lemming or Master of your Domain

    Lone DBA, Lemming or Master of your Domain

    Are you a lone lemming or the master of your domain? Many organizations hire only one database administrator. This lone DBA is in a unique position which can be both rewarding and challenging. I have spent years as a lone DBA and am able to compare the experience to years as a member of two […]

  • Ding Level 3 in My Epic Life Quest

    Ding Level 3 in My Epic Life Quest

    Wahooo! Today is a day to celebrate. I just realized that I have achieved level 3 in my Epic Life Quest. Stay tuned as I work my way to level 4. I plan to include being a Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate and much more, in that level. Level 3 Quests (Completed before Aug. 11th, 2015) Secure […]

  • Do we care about development environment performance?

    Do we care about development environment performance?

    Recently, but not for the first time, I was confronted with a server administrator that didn’t want to allocate more than one vCPU to a SQL Server machine in a development environment. His exact words ring over and over in my head. Do we really care about development environment performance? The short answer is, YES! Two […]