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  • Information Technology: Minimum requirements

    I’ve been asked, several times, what skills a person should work on if they wanted to enter the IT field. The specific question changes depending upon if the question was targeted at DBA, developer, systems administrator, or testing skills. When I begin to answer my first thoughts always go to the obvious answers. I may […]

  • What happened to the SQL Hammer?

    Two months ago I accepted a new position as a Data Architect / Developer (SQL and .NET). I accepted the position partially due to my passion for database design and partially as a means to expand my knowledge base. I’m attempting to round out my development skills while expanding my expertise to the entire data tier and […]

  • Session review – Brent Ozar at RSSUG

    Yesterday (Friday, March 14th, 2014) Richmond, VA’s SQL Server user group was fortunate enough to have Brent Ozar ( @BrentO | stopped by and present a 101 level session on SQL Server Internals. I made the 4 hour round trip drive out and wasn’t disappointed. Brent’s presentation covered clustered and non-clustered index structures, how […]

  • Are your backups enough?

    “You only need one thing; a backup or a résumé. Never both.” This quote certainly summarizes a very important piece of being a DBA. You must be able to recover from a disaster. There are many ways to offer redundancy and high-availability to minimize the risk and/or time of different types of disasters but at […]

  • The Peter Principle

    The Peter Principle

    The Peter Principle The Peter Principle, as referenced above, is, “the theory that employees within an organization will advance to their highest level of competence and then be promoted to, and remain at, a level at which they are incompetent.” Growing up, it was my grandfather that first explained this principle to me but he […]

  • Editorial: Automation

    Often I find myself thinking to myself, “if only I had one more DBA.” I’m sure we’ve all said this often enough and probably not just to ourselves, I’m sure the boss gets an ear full every now and again. But, there comes a time when you know you just won’t win. Either the decision makers […]

  • SQL Server 2008 MCM Readiness Videos

    The other day I was doing some research on the Transaction Log of SQL Server and stumbled upon the MS SQL Server MCM Readiness videos, many of which are made by Paul Randal. After watching just one of these videos I quickly found out how useful they can be for general knowledge, even if you […]

  • Poll – How do you handle security?

    MS SQL Server provides a wide range of options to choose from when deciding how to regulate security in our organizations? I’m curious how you handle it? Do you go full on best practice and run Windows Authentication only, allow service account and security groups only, and define user roles with granular permissions to apply […]

  • Welcome to my blog!

    Welcome to my first post on the new sqlHammer blog site. My name is Derik Hammer and I’m a believer in sharing knowledge. Few people understand how powerful the old saying, “Feed a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for life,” really is. Even if […]