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  • Demo God Recovery Kit

    Demo God Recovery Kit

    I was scheduled to give a virtual presentation to the MagicPASS user group. The week before I received a beta update for Windows 10. My computer became very unstable. It would not boot half of the time and it corrupted my virtual machines twice. I spent many hours fighting these problems, all the way up […]

  • Query Store for Everyone

    Query Store for Everyone

    SQL Server 2016’s Query Store feature is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting new features for this version. The Query Store will keep track of current and past query execution plans which grants you deeper insights into the performance of your queries and allows you to pin a plan in-place, forcing the optimizer to […]

  • Favorite SQL Server Feature – #TSQL2SDAY #77

    Favorite SQL Server Feature – #TSQL2SDAY #77

    Today is the 77th T-SQL2SDAY! If you’re not familiar, T-SQL Tuesday is a blogging party hosted by a different person each month. It’s a creation of Adam Machanic (b|l|t), and it’s been going on for ages now! Basically the host selects a topic, defines the rules (those are almost always the same), and then everyone […]

  • SQL Server 2016 Release Date

    SQL Server 2016 Release Date

    tl;dr No release date was announced at Data Driven but it was announced on SQL Server Blog. SQL Server 2016 will be released for general availability on June 1st, 2016! Take a look at the feature breakdown by edition here.   Today at 10:00am EST, Microsoft is hosting the live web-event; Data Driven. The official […]

  • T-SQL Tuesday #74 – Be the change (MERGE static data)

    T-SQL Tuesday #74 – Be the change (MERGE static data)

    Each month, on the first Tuesday of the month, the announcement for the blog party T-SQL Tuesday comes out. Those that are interested then post their blogs, on the subject selected, on the second Tuesday of the month. If you’ve never heard of T-SQL Tuesday it’s a blog party started by Adam Machanic (b/t) over […]

  • Statistics Parser

    Statistics Parser

    Today I’d like to recommend a free community tool, Statistics Parser is web-based tool for interpreting the text output of the T-SQL SET STATISTICS IO and TIME settings. The tool was created and is maintained by Richie Rump (b | t), a successful speaker, blogger, and all-around SQL Server community contributor. Quick SSMS demo […]

  • SQL PASS Summit 2015

    SQL PASS Summit 2015

    Another amazing PASS Summit week is complete and I am sitting in SEA-TAC airport, waiting for my flight back to the east coast (at the time I wrote this). I am going to hop on the red-eye in about an hour so that I will make it home in time to take my daughters, Kayla […]

  • Building up the PowerShell community

    Building up the PowerShell community

    Last week I involved in a conversation with some SQL professionals who are also skilled with PowerShell. The SQL Server community is used to having a tool to connect them directly to gurus who are dedicated to helping others, the #sqlhelp hashtag on Twitter. We realized that the PowerShell community’s Twitter hashtags are not as […]

  • Policy Based Management Templates – TSQL2sDay #70

    Policy Based Management Templates – TSQL2sDay #70

    T-SQL Tuesday (aka #TSQL2sday) is a monthly SQL Server blogger event started back in late 2009 by Adam Machanic (blog | twitter). The first topic was about Date/Time Tricks. Read the original TSQL2sday call-out. Each month a different SQL Server blogger is the host who announces the topics and performs the round-up. A big thanks goes […]

  • SQL Saturday #381 – Richmond, VA

    SQL Saturday #381 – Richmond, VA

    Last Saturday I attended #SQLSATRVA, which was SQL Saturday #381. It was a blast! The day started off with the usual registration process. Thankfully, I remembered to print out and cut my SpeedPass in advance. The line to use the scissors was ridiculous! I heard recommendations that perforated paper be used next year. Once the sessions […]