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  • Getting started with Godot

    Getting started with Godot

    Over the last couple of months I’ve been having fun playing around with the Godot game engine. At first, I gravitated to the systems and back-end aspect of game development. My first version was a LAN connected multiplayer framework which could only go as far as connection and client synchronization. Peer to peer RPCs were […]

  • Website hosting challenges

    Website hosting challenges

    I appreciate everyone’s patience with It is encouraging that you are reading this instead of seeing a Cloudflare¬†error message, a site that does not load images and has a bad SSL certificate, or my maintenance page. Over the last 8+ days I have had a lot of challenges with They were my hosting […]

  • Keeping up with changes to Books Online

    Keeping up with changes to Books Online

    Keeping up with new features of SQL Server can be a challenge. What is even more challenging, though, is keeping up with changes to existing features. Re-reading Microsoft books online is tedious and differences between versions are not always easy to find. I support a PowerShell utility, QS-Config, which handles generating the configuration files necessary […]