Event Hammer – Feature Overview

Event Hammer is a martial arts tournament management product. It consumes competitor registration data from a convenient, WordPress compatible, form tool and provides an easy interface for managing both your competitors and the tournament brackets.

Event Hammer is both a desktop application for client use and a centralized server for servicing reports and access from anywhere you have internet.



On the home tab, there is an area to select your event. You can use the date filters to narrow your search, if you have many events being managed by Event Hammer. Once an event is selected, that event becomes the context for all other functions within the Event Hammer application. You may change event context at any time by returning to the home tab.

The rest of the buttons on the home tab are related to the various reports available with Event Hammer. There are administrative reports which are useful for working with the logistics of an event and there are the scorecards which are for use during match execution, for each of the various types of matches available.

Navigate to the reporting knowledge base for more details.

Event management

events tab

On the events tab, you can create new events and modify existing events. By selecting he Id value of the event, the details will populate on the right. Use the action buttons, at the bottom, to save edits, create a new event, or delete any mistakes.

Navigate to the event management knowledge base for more details.

Competitor management

competitor tab

On the competitor tab, you can manage your list of competitors. Whether you are receiving automatic imports of registration data or manually inputting a last minute walk-in, this tab has what you need.

On the right, the competitor details are displayed when you select the competitor from the list on the left. You may save your edits of fields in the details pane, if you need to make any corrections. This is also where you would input a new competitor or delete someone who did not show up to the event.

The competitor list, on the left, is not just a list. It has powerful filter criteria for locating competitors. You may filter by any of the fields in the list, such as name, belt, age, weight, and height. Those filters are inherently useful but you may also filter by other common criteria, such as finding all minors or finding all competitors who are flagged as requiring special considerations.

Navigate to the competitor management knowledge base for more details.

Matches and Bracketing

matches tab

The matches tab is where you will build your brackets and track the matches. The left pane shows you the list of competitors that you have to work with and the right pane shows you the existing divisions / sub-divisions and which competitors are grouped together.

The competitors pane has all of the same filtering power described in the competitor management section and is further enhanced by the filtering capabilities of the matches pane. Simply selecting a competitor and toggling the filter to applicable matches will show you the existing divisions which that competitor qualifies to be added into. Naturally, you can filter by all of the available fields in the match list but there are also helpful filters added, such as finding all matches with only one competitor.

Navigate to the match management knowledge base for more details.