Getting started with Godot

Over the last couple of months I’ve been having fun playing around with the Godot game engine.

At first, I gravitated to the systems and back-end aspect of game development. My first version was a LAN connected multiplayer framework which could only go as far as connection and client synchronization.

Peer to peer RPCs were interesting and I had fun learning it but I realized that server-client communications was more feasible for hosted multiplayer games. So, I learned a different pattern with direct RPC calls or server relayed broadcasts.

I also had a little bit of fun with building the command line interface and building a pattern for easily snapping in new commands and mapping them to method calls.

It didn’t take me long, however, to realize that the back-end side of this was a lot less fun than seeing an actual game come to life. This is when I switched to learning physics processes of sprites along with their animations and some very basic vector math.

I further enjoyed parallax backgrounds and playing with varying ship speeds in relation to the middle and backgrounds to make a controllable experience but the feeling of moving fast.

After all of that, however, I realized that zero gravity drift calculations might be fun but it wasn’t the kind of game that I would like to play. This is when I began making a more dungeons and dragons style RPG.

If you care to play around with my v0.1 alpha, download the Windows Desktop app here.







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