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derik hammer

Whether you need strategic solutions or tactical strikes I am here to solve your problems and ease your pains. I am eager to tackle your performance problems, patch & upgrade your servers, and help you consolidate through virtualization. I specialize in disaster recovery & high-availability, implement continuous integration / deployment solutions and automation tasks.

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Senior Level Expertise

You benefit from the years of mistakes I learned from on someone else’s dime. Solve critical problems fast and with precision, costing you less for a superior result.

Sophisticated Maintenance Solutions

One solution does not fit all. Beginning with a technical interview and environment analysis, I will build an understanding of your organization’s unique needs and translate them into efficient and easy to use maintenance solutions.

Document & Educate

When the job is complete, you are left with thorough documentation of the findings, what changes were implemented, and their results. I also offer training windows where I will sit down with your team and teach them the techniques which will prevent future pains, allowing to you call me back to grab a beer rather than solve the same problem again.

Server Optimizations

Too often database performance tuning ends with the query. True optimization comes from finding the bottle necks no matter where it is in the stack. I alleviate your pains at its source, whether that means working with server configurations, hardware adjustments, database structure enhancements, or attacking database / application code.

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