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  • Top 10 Tips for Availability Groups

    Top 10 Tips for Availability Groups

    I have enjoyed working with Availability Groups ever since they were released with SQL Server 2012. Each major version since, the feature has improved and along the way so has my knowledge of them. Knowledge born from mistakes and lessons learned implementing and managing them at multiple companies. Here are my top 10 tips for […]

  • Dryer Lint

    When I was in the U.S. Navy, the sailors had a lot of social challenges since we had 200 grumpy men all sharing the same facilities for several months at a time. It should not be surprising that the laundry facilities were one of these points of contention. You could have someone do your laundry […]

  • Ding Level 4 in My Epic Life Quest

    Ding Level 4 in My Epic Life Quest

    I am extremely excited to announce that I have achieved level 4 in My Epic Life Quest! Over the last year I had been reminding myself about my own epic life quest. I felt like I had drifted from my path and need to reevaluate my quest. I never got around to readdressing my quest […]



    Often I hear developers claim that they need production data in order to properly tune their queries. There are a couple of reasons that they believe this. The most important one is likely because the execution plans generated in a development environment with limited data will be different than the ones which are generated with […]

  • Azure SQL Database Elastic Pools

    Azure SQL Database Elastic Pools

    Azure SQL Database Elastic Pools are a mechanism for grouping your Azure SQL Databases together into a shared resource pool. Imagine for a moment that you had a physical server on premise. On that server, you have a single SQL Server instance and a single database. This example is similar to how Azure SQL Database […]

  • My SQL Cruise Diary

    My SQL Cruise Diary

    It has been three years since I first heard of SQL Cruise from Grant Fritchey (b | t). At the time, I was working for a large tax preparation company. They would not allow me to attend any conference during tax season, understandably. Also, I was unaware of the Alaska SQL Cruise which occurs in […]

  • Connecting your Azure regions

    Connecting your Azure regions

    In this post, I am going to demonstrate how to configure virtual network gateways in Azure using Resource Manager. This is important for connecting two Azure regions together, enabling you to setup high-availability and/or disaster recovery systems. 1. Resource Groups Begin by creating or selecting a resource group in each of the regions that you […]

  • How Fast Can You Learn?

    How Fast Can You Learn?

    Self-analysis and emotional intelligence are valuable assets. Internal, or even external, dialog aids in problem solving and understanding. Knowing yourself is more important than any skill that you may have. You must understand what you think you know, what you know for certain, and what you do not know. In the IT industry, your ability to learn is […]

  • T-SQL Tuesday #85: STOP! Restore Time!

    T-SQL Tuesday #85: STOP! Restore Time!

    I know, I know. That was a bit much. This month’s T-SQL Tuesday is being hosted by Kenneth Fisher (b | t). T-SQL Tuesday (#TSQL2sDAY) is a blog party founded by Adam Machanic (b | t). Each month a member of the community hosts the party and selects a topic for us to write about. […]

  • Rotating Tables with Indicators in SSRS 2016

    Rotating Tables with Indicators in SSRS 2016

    When creating SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) dashboards, I like to use indicators to give clear and colorful data visualizations. In this post I am going to cover the use of indicators and demonstrate how to rotate your tables so that you can display the indicators horizontally. The method in this post has been tested on […]