Session review – Brent Ozar at RSSUG

Yesterday (Friday, March 14th, 2014) Richmond, VA’s SQL Server user group was fortunate enough to have Brent Ozar ( @BrentO | stopped by and present a 101 level session on SQL Server Internals.

I made the 4 hour round trip drive out and wasn’t disappointed.

Brent’s presentation covered clustered and non-clustered index structures, how queries parse the data, sargable queries, and how user-defined functions and table variables are a black box to the optimizer. He also explained statistics and how execution plans are compiled.

As expected Brent’s information was flawless and presented in an easy to understand way. For me, however, his presentation was not the highlight of the night. EventBright listed the session to run from 6pm-9pm but the presentation didn’t start until 6:45pm and it ended around 8pm. This left a large amount of time of on-topic and off-topic Q&A with Brent. Those Q&A times alone were worth the trip for me because we were able to discuss real world architectures, specifically’s.

I’d like to thank Brent for taking his time to come out to RSSUG and look forward to more presentations from himself and the rest of the Brent Ozar Unlimited team.






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