sp_Blitz the APP!

I find myself a little wrapped up with Brent Ozar’s sp_Blitz. I’m not sure if I’ve hit the point of infatuation yet but I this will be my fourth post regarding this one stored procedure.

I like to tell myself that it’s just caused by my love for great free SQL tools.

So What’s New?

sp_Blitz, the stored procedure, now has an app for that!

I was first inspired to write about temporary stored procedures when I found myself wanting to use sp_Blitz on a large number of servers without having to create a stored procedure (even if I just dropped it after the fact). Now Brent has solved that problem by providing his stored procedure in application form.

The app can be downloaded on the same page as the stored procedure at brentozar.com/blitz.

The app downloads as a single executable and self-installs. Once installed it could not be simpler to use. After opening the app you hit the landing page where you input a server name and the authentication type you will be using.


After selecting DO IT!, a graphical report will be displayed with descriptions of the issue and a MORE INFO button which will link you to Brent’s site for detailed break downs of the line item. The whole report can also be saved off to PDF if you’d like.


Final Thoughts

I like this app a lot because I don’t have to add this stored procedure to my servers but the best feature of it is that it will auto update itself. So, in my case where I have hundreds of servers to maintain, I don’t have to update the stored procedures on every server whenever a new version is released. I don’t even have to update my local copy of the stored procedure and convert it into a temporary stored procedure anymore.






2 responses to “sp_Blitz the APP!”

  1. Jesse Avatar

    Could you please share the version you have of the Blitz app? They appear to have taken it down from their website and i’m chasing it now..


    1. Derik Hammer Avatar

      Unfortunately, I do not have the app anymore. I would recommend emailing the folks at Brent Ozar Unlimited, they may be able to help you out.

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