Tell me your problems

I need your help.

I am working on improving my department’s problem solving skills. This is going to manifest in a lot of one-on-one mentoring, team exercises, and formal presentations. The formal presentations I am going to build into sessions to present at conferences, such as SQL Saturdays, in a professional development track. If the topic is big enough, which I think it is, I may also build a full day class on problem solving and conduct a couple of full day freecons.

The need

I have a number of documented situations where I failed to solve a problem or had to evolve my problem solving tactics to meet a new type of problem. The challenge is that my experiences are of a very narrow scope, since they all happened to me. When discussing this idea with a friend and colleague of mine, he immediately pointed out two amazing ideas to add into my sessions. When I remarked on how good the ideas were, he said, “they are both things that you, personally, do so instinctively that I am not surprised you didn’t think to include them.”

That bring me to the ask.

The ask

One element I will be including in my training is how to find and challenge your own assumptions. I need you to tell me your stories about problems that you met. This way I won’t be building these sessions with my own blinders on.

  • Tell me about a problem you struggled to solve (technical, non-technical, employee related, or even personal).
  • Tell me if you failed to meet the original goal.
  • Did you pass the buck to someone else to solve it?
  • Did you seek help without transferring responsibility?
  • Did you push through and succeed?
  • What strategies worked?
  • What strategies didn’t work?
  • Where were you stuck and what broke you free to move forward?

Send me your stories through my contact page, here.

Thank you in advance for helping me on this endeavor. 






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  1. Nosferatu Avatar

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