Website hosting challenges

I appreciate everyone’s patience with It is encouraging that you are reading this instead of seeing a Cloudflare error message, a site that does not load images and has a bad SSL certificate, or my maintenance page.

Over the last 8+ days I have had a lot of challenges with They were my hosting provider for about five years. My loyalty was mostly due to laziness and lack of web administration skill. They were always underwhelming and I had issues with the performance that I was receiving. Support was never good but I had few reasons to call support. Last week the final nail was put in the coffin and I have migrated over to

It all started when I tried to purchase a dedicated IP and an SSL certificate from Hostmonster. This change immediately brought my site down and I was told, after money changed hands, that DNS propagation would take 4-48 hours. You read that right, 48 hours! Had I known that before purchasing I probably would have done something, anything, to prepare for an extended site outage. Either way, 4 hours went by, 48 hours went by, and my site was still down. Three support calls and demanding a refund of my web hosting fees was what it took before I got any real answers about why things were broken.

That same night I began my move to 1and1. Since then I have struggled. I didn’t want to pay for someone to migrate my site because I had just paid a couple hundred dollars to Hostmonster that I do not expect to ever see again and I had to then purchase hosting from 1and1. Needless to say, there is a good reason that I am not a web developer. I fumbled my way through the migration process and today I believe that everything is complete. Now I just need to wait for DNS to propagate everywhere. Funny enough, my family and 1and1 can see my site but I have to use a host file entry to see it myself because something between my router, my ISP, and 1and1 is caching the Hostmonster and/or the Cloudflare IP address.

I hope to have things up and for everyone soon and hopefully my SSL certificate through 1and1 will be installed shortly, as well.

Once again, thank you for your patience.






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