What happened to the SQL Hammer?

Two months ago I accepted a new position as a Data Architect / Developer (SQL and .NET). I accepted the position partially due to my passion for database design and partially as a means to expand my knowledge base. I’m attempting to round out my development skills while expanding my expertise to the entire data tier and data access layer rather than just focused on the databases and data themselves. With an accelerated development cycle which requires that my analysis / designs be completed rapidly, my continued college education, and now my learning in expanded areas of development, I have been unable to keep up with my passion for knowledge distribution via SQLHammer.com.

Never fear! I am not abandoning my writing completely. I will, however, be spending much less time writing while my attention and time resources are spent in other areas of personal and professional development. I look forward to finding time to write again and hope to make time to post even if they aren’t as detailed as ones like How to: Configure SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn.




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